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"Your book is fantastic! It has led me to better understand my business  as a reflection of my personal values and my personal values as a reflection of my business. Your advice is making me better at both! Unlike many other books I have read about business, your book is focused on the passionate,dedicated small business owner, and you are right on target."
- Jim Roach, President

"Wow, Wanda! What a gem of a book. Actually, many individual gems and golden nuggets that continued throughout your work. Who should read this book? Anyone even considering going into business for themselves or who already is (or, for that matter, anyone in sales). And, they shouldn't only read it, but should study it with a pen and highlighter  in hand. Your coffee story alone can be the difference between a business
being average and a business being very, very lucrative."
- Bob Burg, author of "Endless Referrals" and "Winning Without Intimidation"

 "Last year I spent $90,000.00 on print advertising to such frustration. We would be spending $3,000.00 on an ad and only get two phone calls. Found it extremely depressing to say the least. We then found your book and implemented some advise from it out of the advertising chapter - using one of the headings suggested and this week with two ads placed have had about 30 calls before the weeks end, and converted about 75% into bookings. Not bad for a first attempt considering I haven't even finished reading  the book."
- Karina Hassall - Genesis Skin Centre, New Zealand

"Wanda is a living proof that the 'common sense' is not that common. Her simple, down to earth, amazing tips, like getting customers you are
passionate about, will catapult you to great personal and professional satisfaction."
-Alicia Castillo Holley - Ventures Latinas LLC -

"The methods taught by Wanda in this book to make our own business thrive really work! Not only has the amount of our business increased, but also we are getting the type of clients we want and are having FUN while making money."
-Deborah Markaverich - Marktime Records - Sarasota FL

"If you have ever worried that love and a commitment to customer service are a bit ditsy, this book will show you how to feel great about yourself
and about your bottom line. Wanda’s book is both comprehensive and straightforward. Her total commitment to put love and customer service as the core values for every business decision shines through in every page. Any time I doubt  the practicality of having absolute integrity as the yardstick of EVERY  business decision I’ll dip into Wanda’s book to get inspired again."
- John Haigh, founder of Action Strategies - Beijing and G.M. of BushMan Repellent, China

“How to Make Your Business Thrive” is a rare and thorough combination of down-to-earth advice and guidance for the newcomer and the veteran business owner alike. Wanda Loskot brings her vast in-the-trenches experience to this book, sharing generously with her readers. It’s a must-read and an important  reference tool to keep handy. Thanks, Wanda!"
- Paulette Ensign, The Booklet Queen -

"Wanda Loskot's book is the partner you don't have...Keep this book on hand  and refer to it often and your success will depend a lot less on luck. It's compendium of avuncular advice that will keep you sane, keep you moving  forward and keep you successful. This is not business theory or high-handed  strategy - this book is about the daily tactics and the realities of making a go of a one-man show. Since you need to be the best you can in all areas, it's really good to have somebody to lean on. "
-Jim Sterne - Consultant, Author, Speaker -

"There are so many IMPORTANT things inside this book about creating business and keeping customers. I know many people will use it as a guide and a reference  for a long time to come. Wanda has always had a tremendous amount of heart   and this book proves she knows how valuable that element is to any business.   Her style is refreshing, the information is timely and this book so much   FUN to read. Especially when you like learning how to make your business better and more profitable."
-Mike Lamb - Host of The Moneyroom Show -

"It is the ultimate 'A-Z' of getting real world business results, creating cash in your pocket, and lot's of satisfied customers walking the Earth! If you don't buy this book you are leaving money on the table and leaving frowns on the faces of the potential customers you didn't help out!"
-Christian E. Mickelsen, founder of Online Business University -

"Wow! I just finished reading "How to Make Your Business THRIVE". I should have had a guide like this when I first started in business. This practical workshop on paper reveals exactly what every business owner needs to know to build their sales and profits quickly. Anyone following the guidelines and instruction in this manual will avoid numerous costly and time-consuming mistakes. Instead, they will spend their time and money on the specific marketing activities that are proven to produce most profitable results."
-Bob Leduc, Marketing Author and Consultant -

"I wish I had this book before, so I could recommend it to all my coaching clients who are struggling with a business or product idea. The answer is staring you right in the face, and it's all in Wanda's book! Most business books are hard-core business, how-to advice or step-by-step strategies. But those books don't do the most important  thing - inspire. No business owner can succeed in something they have no passion in,  and Wanda's book is the first book I've seen in years that makes you feel excited  and inspired! Absolutely required reading for every new business owner!"
- Milana Leshinsky - Association of Coaching & Consulting Professionals on the Web -

"I am wowed! There are hundreds of books about business theory, but very few practical guides to business success. Using Wanda's guidance, businesspeople will be able to create opportunities, recognize potential, and achieve personal satisfaction in the business world. You can't ask for better than that from a business book!"
-Dolores Episcopo - Business Strategist, Sarasota FL

"This book is chock full of strategies and time proven formulas to catapult anyone to success who is willing to apply them. Wanda Loskot writes in down-to-earth, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-follow format, the principles in her book are timeless as well as practical and immediately applicable."
-Daniel Leo Simpson -

"It's all there! I love the way she starts with us personally and the 'Reverse ABC.' Wanda has done her homework and lived her advice. The result is a fast-paced system alive with stories. Most important, she prods, encourages, and inspires us to greater and greater business success."
-Shirley Hanson "The Marketing Energizer Ezine" -

"Wanda is the professional's professional. This book is filled with gems that have helped my business grow 30% again this year. If you want your business to take off,  pick out any of her ideas and ask yourself 'By When will I take this action?'"
-Tom Hanson, Ph.D., author of  - "Who Will Do What By When?" -

"You've woven a wealth of valuable information through the pages of this book. It's well written, well organized, and should be a tremendous help to inexperienced but determined business people."
- Judy Vorfeld - Editing and Writing Services -

"A great resource for anyone who struggles to build a business. You not only offer the best philosophy for a balanced life - 'Do what you love to do' - but you offer the tools to accomplish this. I shall keep and work with your book. Very good stuff."
- William Bontrager  -